06-05-2023 Militsa - Vlaseika - Anatoliki Militsa - Militsa

  06/05/2023 10:00

  Ano Militsa main road

Parking is on the main road in Ano Militsa (not Anatoliki Militsa, because this is the part of the village next to Ano Militsa). We walk through the village, downhill. Later... uphill. In the middle of the walk we reach the village Vlaseika, there we have our break at the church. Then we walk a little bit downhill, but then uphill again to Anatoliki Militsa, where we will have another short break. Then we cross the main road and walk on to Ano Militsa. There we finish our walk and can have a drink in the new cafenion.



10 km
Type of route:
circular walk
in Vlaseika
good tracks, down and up


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  • 06/05/2023 10:00

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