Suggest/Lead a walk

Suggest/Lead a walk a walk


Leading a walk:

Anyone who comes regularly to the walks is more than welcome to organize a walk. If someone organizes a walk in their own area, it gives the others a chance to get to know that area too. Please send suggestions to Karin, Manfred, Marion or Pier to the Freewalkers email And don’t worry, we will be happy to help with the initial planning!
The leader of the walk has the additional responsibility (as well as the general responsibilities of every Freewalker) of leading the group along the route selected.

Everyone can lead a freewalkers hike if he or she is physically and mentally able to do so.
How do I prepare myself for a hiking guide?
Here are a few meaningful suggestions from experienced hiking guides:

  1. Decision of the route (mileage, height difference, difficulty level).
  2. Is it suitable for the season (in wintertime the creeks often have a lot of water, in summertime the hike should also have some shadow)?
  3. Is there a place where a break is possible (shadow, seating accommodation, possibly water .................)?
  4. Are there parking spaces at the start?
  5. Is there a tavern/kafenion close to the target? You don't always have to have a drink after the hike, but many hikers like this.
  6. Often walked hiking trails change due to rain, seasons or construction work. That is why every hike must be checked before the whole group starts, so days before.
  7. The hiking guide has no responsibility for other people, but he/she has to ensure that only paths are planned which are also safe to walk. Ultimately however, each participant decides for himself/herself what he/she does or what he/she is capable of.
  8. The hiking guide introduces himself to the group, he walks at the top of the group and follows the pace of the hikers in the back of the group. The guide must have eye contact to the end of the group and must ensure that people wait at junctions until everyone can see the way ahead.
  9. It is advisable that the guide names a person who controls the end of the group. This person should also be introduced at the beginning. If the group size requires it, several people may be asked to be attentive.
  10. Many years of experience have shown that it makes sense to keep the group together when crossing a busy main street and not each for himself/herself.
  11. Hiking with a group means that you try to stay together. When a Kafenion/Tavern is announced at the end of a hike, the group gathers at the entrance to the town, the guide counts whether all hikers are present and then go all together to the Kafenion/Tavern because only the guide knows which Kafenion/Tavern is ready to serve 30 or more thirsty hikers.

Send us an email by indicating the required points.

  • Departure, meetingpoint and how to get there...
  • Length in km
  • Breaks
  • Difficulties or/and special information about the route
  • Date, if already known