29-10-2022 Achladochorie-Tripes

  29/10/2022 09:00

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We are going to do a very special walk. Saturday,29th of October.
At 9am the first freewalker group will start from Achlathochorie via Kastania to Tripes. We will make about 12km and 8km to Achlathochorie back.
Meeting point1: Achlathoxorie, church/ platia.
The 2.nd group will start at 11am from Mathia to Tripes, 4km and 4km back.
Meeting point2: Mathia, platia.
Last, but not least, there can start/ join some walkers for a 2,5km and 2,5km back walk from the junction to Tripes at 11.45am
Meeting point3: the little church, left side on the dirt road to Tripes. About 150m after the junction. Group 2 will pass this meeting point.
We all will meet in Tripes and walk back together after a nice break. Tripes is a beautiful deserted village with a phantastic view and lots of interesting imagines for photos.
Our way back together will end in Mathia, or- the longer way- in Achlathochorie. Everyone can decide it on place.
This 3 group walk is a try to give everybody the chance to walk with the freewalkers, long distance, short distance, fast and slow walkers.
After the walk we can have a drink/ Μεζέ in the small tavern in Kalamaki.
There is no need to book, just come. I know: I never walk alone. See you there.



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  • 29/10/2022 09:00

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