28-10-2023 Methoni

  28/10/2023 10:00

  Methoni carpark at the harbor

We first walk through the village to the north, cross the highway and walk uphill. We pass the ruins of the Agios Leos monastery, where we can take a look. Then we walk to the church Agios Konstantinos kai Eleni. Now we have walked 4.5 km. Because this church is located on a high point, we have a beautiful view of Methoni and the sea. And we have our banana break here. We continue walking up and down to the next church, Agios Georgios. Here we will have our second break. After this stop we walk downhill, cross the mainroad again and walk to the sea side with a beautiful view of the harbor and the castle of Methoni. After the walk we can have a drink at a local cafenion.

We will have 340 altitude meters



14,5 km
Type of route:
circular walk
church Agios Konstantinos kai Eleni/ church Agios Georgios
sometimes asphalt roads, many dirt roads, some steep sections


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  • 28/10/2023 10:00

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