Hard to believe, but another year is coming to an end.  

What didn't happen in 2022?  

It started great, no more corona rules that restricted our hikes.  

With the new team there were 2 hikes a week and both hikes were very well attended.  

The number of members increased and increased, today we welcomed the 250th member of the fb group.  

We get a lot of appreciation and that's good, of course.

The summer hikes were sometimes almost confusingly full, sometimes we had trouble keeping the group together.  Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun hiking and also in the afterwards get-together.  After our now traditional full moon hike on Mount Profit Elias near Chandrinou, the summer break began.  

From then on we hiked once a week, but only in the evening.  The hike usually ended in a tavern, a successful evening for all freewalkers. 

From September on there was a small change, back to the original rules: 

hikes took place every Saturday, Wednesday hikes only if a hiking guide could be found.  

Hiking twice a week, having to be there on place every time, that was too much for us.  

In the meantime, it has been shown that this change was well received, so you can easily move it from Saturday to Wednesday if the weather is bad.  

Which has happened a number of times in the last month.  

Nevertheless, if you feel to guide a short (5-7 km) hike and if you have read the freewalker rules, you can register yourself for a Wednesday hike at any time.

The freewalker team has been put together again this year, Gerben has left, Marion has joined instead.  

We would like to thank Gerben for his ideas and his good actions and are happy to have an energetic successor in Marion.  

Manfred, Karin and Pier stayed, of course....

But we also want to say thank you to the many hiking guides who made it possible to organize so many hikes in the first place.  

So many thanks to Gerben, to John and Lesley, to Ad and Enry, to Marius and Marian, to Klaas and Flora and last but not least to Arnold.

Politically, 2022 has been quite an exciting year and many of us are grateful to live here in Greece.  

We feel like in paradise.  

Let's continue to enjoy it for as long as possible.

The freewalkers wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

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