About us

The Freewalkers is an international group of people who share a love of hiking. 
Main activity is the organization of a weekly walk which is open to everyone.
Every Saturday, except in the hot summer months, a circular walk is organized and takes place somewhere between Gialova and Petalidi.
People from Greece and many other European countries meet up for some physical exercise, to enjoy the wonderful countryside and some lively conversation.

Walking with us.......

Walks usually begin at 10.00 am and last from 3 to 5 hours. The distances vary between 10 km and 16 km, with an occasion route of 20 km - or more. The walks focus on physical exercise but obviously have a social aspect as well. To ensure that everyone has a chance to join the walks, among other things, shorter and longer walks are organized. 
There is a lunch break, so bring food and drink for a picnic. When possible the walk starts and ends near a local kafenion so there is a chance for drink afterwards.
The number of walkers taking part depends on the season and therefore fluctuates quite a bit. Everyone is invited to join: the locals, temporary residents and holiday makers, guests of hotels and campsites. 
There isn’t a Rule Book, but the following is expected of everyone who joins the Freewalkers:
  • Participation at your own risk. 
  • Look at the length of the walk and decide if you can go the full distance. The description of the upcoming walk always gives information about length and difficulty of the walk.
  • Take the appropriate equipment: clothing, shoes/boots, protection from sun and rain, sufficient water and something to eat, first aid kit and medicines if necessary. 
  • Everyone is responsible for the group staying together: whether you are walking quickly or slowly, keep an eye open for the others. If the pace is too fast for you, say so, and the tempo can be changed and/or a break organized. Don’t wait until someone is exhausted or has gone astray. 
  • Help each other out, if necessary. 
  • Please respect the environment, other people’s property, local habits and sensibilities.
Leading a walk:
Anyone who comes regularly to the walks is more than welcome to organize a walk. If someone organizes a walk in their own area, it gives the others a chance to get to know that area too. Please send suggestions to Karin, Annie and Anita or to the Freewalkers email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. And don’t worry, we will be happy to help with the initial planning!
The leader of the walk has the additional responsibility (as well as the general responsibilities of every Freewalker) of leading the group along the route selected. 
The leader of a walk must ensure the following: 
  • That the route has been well prepared. If necessary the route should be walked again just before the date of the walk. 
  • That the structure of the walk is well balanced: route appropriate for the time of year, number of breaks, finish at a kafenion for a drink if possible. 
  • That the following are clearly stated:
- Start and finish with directions on how to get there
- Length of the walk
- Special features on the route (steep hills, streams to cross, roads etc.)
Participation is free, but as running a website doesn't come free, from time to time we will come round with the Freewalkers collection tin and ask for a small contribution. This money will be used only for the cost of the website www.Freewalkers.eu.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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