June 2019
Finally the summer arrived, but that means higher temperatures! We already started our walks earlier and most of the walks are shortened. At the end of the first part of the year we always have some specials. We already had our Warsteiner Walk (thank you Hans!) and Monday 17 June we shall have our June Full Moon Walk. Most of the time this full moon walk means the end of the regular walks on Saturday and/or Wednesday. But like every year, it seems that the Freewalkers cannot stop walking…….So look at our website to see if there is an lovely evening walk or an early bird or breakfast walk.
Everybody is welcome and if you have an idea for a nice summer walk, let us know!
The freewalkers team wishes you a wonderful summer!


Winter 2018/2019, to all freewalkers,

The year 2018 is (almost) over and we had a lot of wonderful walks. Longer and shorter ones, in cold, hot, sunny weather and unfortunately also under bad, rainy conditions. Sometimes over 40 people joined in; sometimes it was only a small group of 10 people or less. However, the atmosphere was always cheerful, the landscape beautiful and the company and conversation were warm and interesting. Thank you very much for that! ............A special thanks to all our guides. Without them the freewalkers couldn’t exist. As a matter of fact, it is a pity that there are not more of them!!! So, please think about it for next year and write an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the text: “I know (or I will try to find) a new walk. Let’s do it together some day!” ...............Also, special thanks to the freewalkers who donated for the website’s maintenance. The freewalkers’ activities would be much more complicated to organise without it, not to mention the photo archive. ................In the new year we hope to meet again a lot of freewalkers, regardless age or experience, guests or inhabitants, everyone is more than welcome!

See you at the next walk(s), the freewalkers team



It is almost a tradition that the June's full moon walk to the Profitis Ilias near Chandrinou is the last of the regular walks of the Freewalkers. Because of the expected high temperatures the coming months. Somewhere in September we’ll start again with the regular walks on Saturday and maybe on Wednesday. But…….. there are always people who still like to walk during the summertime and want to give others the opportunity to walk with them. So, now and then you can read on the website about an early bird, a breakfast or a lovely evening walk. Welcome to join! And if you want to organise one, please let us know by email. Keep looking at our website!!!!

We wish you a wonderful summer!

Finikounda RUN 2018
The Cultural Association of Finikounda in collaboration with the Pylos – Nestor Municipality and sports associations, organize the Public Run FinikoundaRUN2018 on Sunday 20/05/2018.
The organizing of the Public run is a collective effort of institutions, volunteers, athletes and sponsors in order to propagate the athletic spirit, give joy to all and establish the area as a pole of attraction for visitors looking for alternative tourism capabilities.
Distances include 10.000m , 5.500m, 1000m and 100m (junior)
The participation fee is 5 euros for the 10K and 5K, 3 euros for the 1000m and free for the junior event. Payments will be processed at the registration desk on the day of the run from 7:30 a.m to 9:30 a.m.
All races (except the 100m one) will start at 10:00 a.m. from the Square at the beach of Finikounda.

21-03-2018 Spring!
Spring is in the air again in Greece which means: more sunshine, less rain, lots of flowers and, of course, walkers from across Europe returning or coming to Messinia.
But….mind you, the Freewalkers of Messinia didn’t stop walking during the winter! As you can see in our photo archive on the website, lots of walks were organised this winter, almost every Saturday and Wednesday, thanks to the Freewalkers team. Since November the small Freewalkers team formed by Annie, Anita and Karin has expanded and now consists of three more members: Will, Connie and Jos. This dedicated team of 6 people seeks to organise at least one guided walk per week, on Saturdays, and possibly a second one on Wednesdays. If they are not able to guide the walks themselves they make sure that somebody else fills in. So if you know of any beautiful tracks and scenery in the area, please share your information with the Freewalkers team!
Did you know that the Freewalkers of Messinia are on Facebook? You can find us under the name: Freewalkers Messinia Greece. Visit us and like our page.
We wish you all a wonderful spring with lots of beautiful walks!


There were some technical problems on the site: it was no longer possible to upload the pictures……….but thanks to “Our man in Lugano” the difficulties has been solved and from now on all walks are illustrated again…

So, if you want to, send your pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

7 October 2017

During the last weeks our website has been under construction. The Dutch and German sites are online, because now most of the articles have been translated. However the items THE WALKS  and INFORMATION/NEWS  will still remain in English. It is not possible to make all the announcements (sometimes twice a week!), in three languages....

The items HOME, ABOUT US and the ENDAXI Hiking Book are in Dutch, German and English.The item ABOUT US is interesting for all the new Freewalkers, because in there you can find some “rules” for everyone who joins the Freewalkers…….

24 September 2017

Somebody left his or hers walking sticks at Fotis taverna! Please contact us by email.......


Quite a number of the freewalkers are member of the Finikounda school for traditional Greek dancing. The School has its annual performance on Saturday 8th of July, 21.00 hrs. Location is the theatre in front of restaurant Elena in Finikounda. Like every year it will be a lovely evening!

Welcome and free entrance.................


The hot summer season arrived and that means that walking will be not the most convenient thing to do. So till September our walking activities will become less. However keep looking at our site, there will be always a chance that somebody likes to organise a walk. Maybe a walk early  in the morning or a lovely evening walk….let us know by email if you want to organise one!!!!!

We also want to thank everybody who gave us, sometimes even spontaneously,  some money to support our website.

This Saturday (01-07-2017), there will be no walk, because of the expected extreme heath………………………


All the year round......


Share your favourite walk(s)……

For already many years we have our regular and popular Saturday walks!!!!

During the last 3 months we had many extra freewalkers events, the midweek (short)walks.

A lot of walkers joined one or more of these walks and are enthusiastic about it.

But, please realise, that there can only be a walk (Saturday or Wednesday) if there is somebody who wants to lead a walk.

This time of the year a lot of freewalkers are going (or already went) to their “homelands”.

And hopefully there will remain enough walkers who want to share their favourite walk(s) and give others the opportunity to join……

So, please don’t hesitate and go to our website and use the header suggest/lead a walk or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Midweek walks

We started Freewalkers midweek walks. These are shortish walks of between 7 and 10 km. The walks will take place on either Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, depending on who is leading the walk. All information will be on the website.

A wonderderfull opportunity for those who cannot join the walk on Saturday or a lovely warming up for the Saturdays walk…………….

So if you have an idea for such a walk, please send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Freewalkers website is online! (30-08-2016)

It's still under construction, but the key information is already available: when is the next event, where do we start, how many miles will it be?

For the moment we prefer to develop the English version. We appreciate all feedback and suggestions but the construction of the complete website will take some more time.

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