15-12-2019 Chandrinou-Kremidia-Koukounara

Date: 14/12/2019 10:00

Meeting point: Chandrinou square

We start in Chandrinou at the square and walk north towards Kremidia. Just before Kremidia, after about 5 km we have our banana stop at the Church Agios Nikolaos. Then we turn right and we first walk through the village Velanidia, then we pass the village Kremidia. After that we walk on well-traveled paths to Koukounaria, where we have the choice to have our lunch at the tavern (when it is open) or at the church (after about 11 km). Then we walk about 5 km quietly uphill to our starting place Chandrinou, where we can have a drink at the tavern.


16,5 km
Type of route:
circular walk
after 5 km and after 11 km
good tracks


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  • 15/12/2019 10:00

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