02-10-2019 Morning walk from Zizani

15-05-2019 Zizani-Klisoura W17
Date: 02/10/2019 08:30 AM

Meeting point: Zizani, at the well

The walk starts in the center of Zizani,  at the well. On most good tracks we go downhill at the direction of Klisoura and cross two little streams. Before Klisoura we turn left, make a nice curve and then a long, but not very steep uphill  to Exochiko. At the church outside the village we have a short break. From there we walk back to Zizani. Afterwards we can have drinks in Kaplani




about 9,5
Type of route:
Church in Exochiko
Most good tracks, up-and downhills, some parts a little bit stony


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  • 02/10/2019 08:30 AM

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